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  • Category: Herbals;
  • Doses: 60caps;
  • Ingredient: Natural Extracts;


Karela natural herbal preparation, including cancer and diabetes. It is also applicable for tumors, asthma, skin infections and hypertension, visual impairment. Improves digestion and metabolism, strengthens the immune system.

Composition and analogies:

Momordica charantia is an herb that helps improve the body’s metabolism.
Himalaya Karela is a natural herbal extract.

How does the drug work?

Helps maintain normal blood and urine sugar levels.

Contributes to the positive effect of sugar regulation by suppressing the neural response to sweet taste stimuli.

This is an excellent blood purifier.

Contains a polypeptide similar to bovine insulin.

Prevents diseases and takes care of the health of the pancreas.

Improves and maintains liver health.

It is very beneficial for skin condition due to its detoxifying properties.

Improves digestion and distribution of beneficial vitamins in the body.

Increases the natural metabolism in the body.

Cleanses the body of toxins and removes toxins from the entire body.

Supports natural levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the liver and blood.

Normalizes the immune system and improves immunity.

How to apply?

Karela should be taken one capsule twice a day after meals. Take several weeks for a long-term effect.

Has no side effects and contraindications.

Where to buy Karela?

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