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Buy medicine Periactin
(Cyproheptadin) No Prescription Cheep Price

Category: Allergy

Doses: 4 mg

Ingredient: Cyproheptadine


Periactin is an antihistamine (antiallergic) agent. It is used for such diseases as: acute or chronic urticaria, contact dermatitis, Quincke’s edema, migraine. With loss of appetite of various origins.

Composition and analogues.

The main active ingredient is cyproheptadine, excipients: cycloheptatrienylidene-1-methylpiperidine hydrochloride.
Analogues: Peritol, Cyproheptadine hydrochlori, Adekin, Apetigen, Astonin, Tsipraktin, Tsiprodin, Istabin, Pariaktin, Supersan, Vieldrin, Vinorex, Cyproheptadine.

How to take and dosage.

Adults: 1 tablet 3-4 times a day. Children according to age, on the recommendation of a doctor.

Side effect and contraindications.

Side effect: possible drowsiness, dry mouth, unpleasant aftertaste, dizziness, nausea, skin rash.
Contraindications: increased eye pressure, stomach ulcer, pregnancy, urinary retention.

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