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  • Category: Skin Care;
  • Doses: 30g;
  • Ingredient: Permethrin;


Acticin – cream is used to treat chasity and pubic pediculosis. The drug destroys mites and causative agents of chasotka.

Composition: the main component is permethrin.
Analogues: Medifoks, Elimit.

How does the drug work?

Violates the permeability for cations of membranes of nerve cells of insects. Effective against scabies mites, as well as nits, larvae and mature individuals of head and pubic lice. Low toxicity for warm-blooded animals and humans, when applied to the skin in recommended doses and concentrations, it does not have skin-resorptive, locally irritating and sensitizing effects.

How to use?

Apply externally. The dosage regimen is set individually, depending on the indications and the dosage form used.

Side effects: allergic reactions, redness, burning sensation at the site of application.
Contraindications: hypersensitivity to permitrin, children under 1 year.

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