Testimonial: The drug “Kaletra” – Something, make friends with the toilet and not only, for a long time

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Prescribed during pregnancy

Diarrhea, nausea, bowel heaviness, vomiting

The first therapy prescribed by a doctor, in combination with other drugs. Not only are these pills of inadequate size, just gigantic and not so easy to swallow, also 2 pieces at once, they just ask back often.

They also carry a lot of side effects that almost immediately come out first, such as persistent diarrhea and it does not matter if you ate before this reception or not, everything comes out at once. After the reception, I personally have a brutal belch, just like a monster, then profuse salivation begins (without a bag anywhere), I have to spit like a camel everywhere, not decent and not convenient. After 10 minutes from the reception, I run to the toilet, uncontrollable loose stools. Not only is it impossible to work with such goodness, it is not even possible to leave the house for a long time, it is hard. I took it for 4 months, then nausea, vomiting, constant heaviness of the intestines went, all this brought me to an exhausted state, turning into a prolonged depression. And she said enough. I went to ask for a change in therapy. Quality of life has dropped below the baseboard throughout the duration of this super pill.